Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag

How To Buy A Replica 1:1 LV Bags

For guests Louis Vuitton replica handbags online shopping , buying a bed of roses bag, it is not easy . Fearing too many things , but also not too sure where the products shop , after all, not worked , did not see the kind, can only see the picture while shopping .

Now more and more customers to buy 1:1 LV bag, but it does not distinguish between , so it is not a real worry to buy a 1:1 LV bag. Specifically from the following aspects to identify !


Look Louis Vuitton outlet handbags is to see the appearance of conditional friends can spend on the version , or find pictures you can clearly distinguish sites or books here that it is better not to find some foreign magazines to more than 2 hand bag , so not accurate, since I will explain why. Another look at hand and stitch , you can only rely on specific criteria to judge , unless you can find an expert or an expert in explaining to do next . The more pleasing to the eye of the package the better the quality .

Touch and feel the texture of the package material

The better cheap Louis Vuitton handbags the general feel of the material , the better, ( here is not to say the softer the more Ay ) and some models , is the hard texture of the materials used , look at style , genuine also the same, but as long as the genuine, super a cargo or better , their leather is soft, the more you use , there will be very nice glossy sheen.


If you feel there is a discount Louis Vuitton handbags very pungent taste it is not any good goods it is, the more pungent the more than good goods , poor quality leather will have unpleasant pungent taste of pu leather , in addition, the bag making process to with plenty of glue, good manufacturers 1:1 LV packages are imported glue used , typically have little pungent taste , as well as genuine and good imitation of the package materials are better, smells kind of faint bags fragrance, fragrant skin discoloration is generally made out of the volatile , good LV presbyopia leather itself is a kind of unique taste , if you smell smells bad , it shows that , hey, it is not good goods !

Hardware and zippers

Metal is an important criterion to judge the general good thick shiny bright metal goods , no glitches, especially zippers, designer Louis Vuitton bags zipper teeth using a copper imports YKK zipper , pull up very smooth texture , lubrication still a little chewy . Bag manufacturers generally use imported glue, less volatile acid , metal will not change color quickly, genuine general hardware 1-2 years without noticeable fading traces , 1:1 LV bag can also use a hardware years will not fade or even longer.


Plastic head generally refers high quality Louis Vuitton bags leather strap or a cemented cutout portion is generally relatively thick portion , in the production process to achieve this part of the use glue stick together , good manufacturers use the import rubber , odor, more environmentally friendly , the other looks more transparent , generally transparent red plastic head part looks very muddy, it is definitely not a good product it !


Modeling refers to the so-called bag appearance of each style unique characteristics and shape of the curve , the higher the best Louis Vuitton bags shape better and more authentic approach , if you have not seen the real thing, it does not matter , you can look at some packages special parts of the package , such as: arc, sharp corners, flip, symmetrical parts , three-dimensional shape of parts , provincial, and so on. Also observe these parts and the whole bag bags degree of coordination , the overall sense of better, better version of the type described here give an example :

For example : M41526, M41528, this style , a good manufacturer of the bag, you put the bag inside the paper said were taken from thee, empty carry in his hand should also be very full , very type, the poor quality of the bag will feel not stand up , one with no texture of the material is not good , because this style is soft leather, the intensity of the material is not bad , although the imitation of the softness of the material of the bag , but the intensity is not good, good material is soft, there efforts , looks crisp, stylish , and second plate problems, good manufacturers are generally technology better version of the division , the plate is good, of course, bags made ??out of shape, do imitation more so , generally good fine Not only do the same style imitation bags , even the special parts of the same angle , as well as the number of needle should be and where each part of the eye of a needle genuine number are the same, only the plate, materials, flowers, stitch , stitch count , line strength, thickness, and shape in order to ensure genuine consistency consistent . Only in this way can be called fine imitation bag that is super A la !


This bag is to determine the quality of a very important factor , often low-level simulation package , this is not good to do , because a lot of people really have not seen the bag , but most people look at the appearance to judge , little attention inside the details are wrong most of the a cargo version , and some super A cargo version will be wrong , but relatively much less , because the real fine imitation bags are authentic bags to break down the plate , in addition to the material may be difficult to replicate , usually inside the compartment , modeling would be carried out to replicate the original , this is not the same as the cost of super-A for a reason. In fact, authentic bags have not seen a friend to see this part of the judgment is not difficult, as long as you pay attention to see Material material is like, good bags are lined with a good Material , looks stiff, thick , feel fine, Link Material and bag some very volts posts , not too many folds and accumulation , especially Material and leather binding sites , the general good package leather incision relatively straight , and very smooth, low gear bag this section one can see, very rough, even unglued , break, there is a good way to judge to see if there is no false compartment , and some bags of many styles of posts , some a cargo craft will be false compartment in order to save layer , or directly on the sewing craft , not three-dimensional bag, so you are well distinguishable again, if you are more familiar with this style , or conditional , you can also carefully compare lined texture, color , the real fine imitation bags, and genuine is very close , lined with plastic is plastic, is the canvas is canvas, is cashmere is cashmere, what color it should be what color , compartment size , proportion, shape and so should be very accurate , A cargo generally can not be done , and not to mention the low block goods and can even change the internal shape of the string .

Special accessories and number

Each number has a special lv goods in different parts of a specific tag, but most of my friends are difficult to distinguish , this is a lot of oil manufacturers deceive customers first , they always let you see these bags section , you see a bar coding ? You see, there are even small lock it, you look at this site has lv brand mark , in fact, may not even he can not tell these tokens of each style reasons , I can not say it ah , lv many styles ah ? New models every year you are scared to death , not because they have these marks on the package is the Super A or authentic , in fact, a lot of the wrong version , the location is different, how to distinguish between good and bad that it is very simple ! You usually mark are pressed in the cortex part , you just look at the clarity of the indentation mark also marked sophistication can judge you, as a number of small parts, such as small lock, you can also look at how to look ? How about technology ? Mark is not very fine, you can determine a ballpark it.

Packaging and identification card ,tag

In fact, if the experts know , is not primarily look at these , you just have to look dust bag on it, good quality stuff bag dust bag , getting goods in the absence of expert look before unpacking look dust bag basically know what stuff , and generally resist the bag in order to save costs are relatively poor with dust bag , a good dust bag is not cheap oh. Do not care about what the card is not card , what maintenance book, are accessories to the wholesale market , and there is not much difference, that are ad cheat layman . However, some tag you want to see , for example : GUCCI, CHANEL , etc. Some models use the metal plate, you can distinguish the goods through their good and bad , to resist these goods do very rough.

Special materials

Such as old flower styles are color fragrant with Italian leather , genuine leather is this special flavor , as well as future will slowly change color through oxidation , discoloration of presbyopia will turn yellow coral color , this is a unique style lv presbyopia design and logo , now the most popular color will be white , but the change is very slow, will become deeper , yellow discoloration of the skin generally authentic Hong normal use in about a year is usually discolored more obvious , super a cargo of fine imitation of a good quality bag will become faster, usually three months - six months so obvious, low-grade bags will not change color , because this material is more expensive . In fact, if you are not allowed to see , then I would suggest you buy has the kind of product, there is no problem as long as the quality is good, at least we can see the packet level , and I had some customers designed to raise the color of the bag, not the new package , Oh, oh expert ! New package you want to compare carefully observed , mainly to see the skin color or add a section, you can tape from the package , or leather fastener part to observe, see if it is exposed to air, much less than the contact portion of the cortex color part obvious differences, so it is not difficult judgment. There is a way , lv fragrant skin discoloration is evident not only outside to smell the aroma , it also features a water-soluble , is to use a drop of water to the skin test , really fragrant skin will absorb water quickly , a few seconds immediately becomes apparent cortical black, dries will recover , but there will be subtle traces. Also depends on the quality of the water-soluble parts of the cortex , fragrant skin and some parts of this feature will be strengths , and some parts will be weaker , mainly to see the skin is a cow which parts of the skin it , authentic is the same, but low-grade goods using pu leather , yellow leather or domestic , generally do not have this phenomenon or not such obvious. In fact, many world famous brand has its own special place materials , such as : GUCCI canvas bag series is waterproof material used , authentic and true 1:1 LV bag can be released on the tap against the rushing water , FENDI canvas bag canvas series are obviously letters mark is not printed woven fabric latitude and longitude lines , so FENDI 1:1 comparison difficult , prices are high , experts are aware of.


In fact, this is most likely to be overlooked , of course, the general 's friends do not know or do not pay attention to this method , generally only insiders know, is also very simple , under normal circumstances , ultra- fine imitation bags and genuine weight almost , possibly a small bag is not easy to distinguish , but the hardware many styles and a large bag is quite clear that if the material is very close to the hardware is also very good , generally good bag of hardware is brass or copper , so that the weight on the should be similar , low-grade goods under normal circumstances than genuine leather and metal or are really fine imitation bag much lighter , of course, is the feeling of an empty bag .